• Question: What is tha average amount of fish in the Irish sea?

    Asked by Maire to Ahmed, Francesca, George, James, Nitheen on 13 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: James Sullivan

      James Sullivan answered on 13 Nov 2014:

      Sorry Maire – I don’t know.

      But you could try asking in the evolution zone?

    • Photo: Francesca Paradisi

      Francesca Paradisi answered on 13 Nov 2014:

      Neither do I! sorry!

    • Photo: Ahmed Osman

      Ahmed Osman answered on 17 Nov 2014:

      Hi Maire
      thanks for this interesting question
      Overall landings of demersal (near bottom living) fish totalled 1,894 tonnes, with a first sale value of £3.18 million. In terms of pelagic (mid
      water living) species, there is a relatively small fishery for herring Clupea harengus in the Irish Sea, with landings into Northern Irish ports in
      2008 of 5,722 tonnes, valued at £1.34 million. Inshore fisheries include lobster Homarus gammarus, king scallops Pecten maximus, cockles Cerastoderma edule and oysters Ostrea edulis and a variety of crabs and shrimps, with a total of 3,010 tonnes recorded in 2008, having a
      combined value of £3.2 million.

      hope it clear