• Question: Why do you think you should win?

    Asked by Taracollinss to Nitheen, James, George, Francesca, Ahmed on 10 Nov 2014. This question was also asked by chloe-mo.
    • Photo: Ahmed Osman

      Ahmed Osman answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      Because I think I do all my best in my research and to help people as well. And I came from Middle East where there is poor scientific tools, so I found the work here is very challenge-able for me to understand all these scientific tools and to get also success. By the end of the day, I have one international published paper and three international conferences ( I participated by oral talk) and this was in my first year in my PhD.

    • Photo: James Sullivan

      James Sullivan answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      The winning scientist should be the person that most clearly answers your questions.

    • Photo: Nitheen Kaperi

      Nitheen Kaperi answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      Hi Taracollinss,

      Winning is a relative term as you always win compared to others.
      One key perks of being a student of science is often you try to compete with yourself rather than your peers.
      I would like to win by making sure I have done the best I could do in answering inquisitive young minds.

    • Photo: Francesca Paradisi

      Francesca Paradisi answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      I think the idea of setting up a chemistry show with the money will be fabulous! I loved doing this kind of things when I was in Italy, I’ve no doubt it’ll be a great success here too