• Question: why would you conduct chemistry outreach program in at least two schools in Dublin.

    Asked by AoifeR to Nitheen on 11 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Nitheen Kaperi

      Nitheen Kaperi answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      Hi Aoife,

      Thank you for the question.

      As mentioned already, I was very fortunate to participate in Trinity Outreach programs conducted by Chemistry department, TCD. As a part of the program I visited few schools in Dublin (like Blackrock school, Adamstown School etc) and conducted few “cool” science experiments. It was very exciting both to the students and to me. I really enjoyed performing those science experiments and introducing few concepts in Chemistry to students. Students seemed very fascinated about science.

      For the same reason, I would like to reach out to those schools where outreach programs has not been conducted so far and interact with school students.